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Long term nail trauma

Another case in our clinic. This time with the help of https://www.facebook.com/podologwroclawgabinet  in Wrocław - thank you.

Young healthy woman patient, post-traumatic nails as seen in the pictures.

For several years still in socks and covered shoes. Not even her partner saw her nails.

She came to me ashamed, and afraid that nothing could be done about it.

I offered help, but without fingertip plastic surgery and removal of the osteophyte, I would not be able to do it. Treatment was eventually performed in Poland.

We start the process by cleaning the nail plate with TTsept foam and cutting nails with Nail nippers 08 by Podoland. Product recommendations for home use: Aarkada 08oil for daily, plus TC16 serum for the night with a foot massage.

Visits took place every 4 weeks, where we clean the nail.

After the 3rd visit, the UNIBRACE nail brace was put on in order to ensure the correct growth of the nail. Check-ups every 4 weeks. Home use of PODOBABY plus Taping.

After a few months we have progress, but we are waiting for the treatment.

The patient performs the procedure in Poland. The entire post-treatment process is carried out in my clinic.

We continue using Podobaby – nail and skin regeneration daily to help. Patient loves the smell of it and gel consistency.

Visits every 3 weeks, and finally after the procedure, we’ve got the result we wanted!

Exactly one year since I first saw the patient and we have been extremely successful.

It worked, the patient can't wait for her first summer with painted nails and smile on her face was my best reward.


Perseverance and pursuit of the goal always wins.

to see the end result click here  . Warning - graphic content.


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